Imagery Rescripting for PTSD

This two-day workshop introduces participants to the techniques and practises for using imagery rescripting for treating PTSD and how to adjust the treatment approach to meet the needs of people with chronic PTSD. The treatment approach has been honed from treating refugees and the IREM trial which treated adults with PTSD from childhood events.

In this workshop you will

  • Gain an understanding of the importance of imagery
  • Learn about the effectiveness of imagery rescripting for different disorders
  • Practice using the different imagery rescripting protocols
  • Explore practical considerations
  • Troubleshoot common treatment issues and ways to overcome them

Numbers strictly limited to 20 participants.


Workshop Fee: Early bird $550 including GST if you book up to 3 weeks before workshop date. Thereafter fee $595 including GST.

Perth March 24-25 2022
Ambrose Estate
200 The Boulevard, Wembley

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About the presenter

Katrina Boterhoven de Haan

Katrina Boterhoven de Haan is a Clinical Psychologist who completed her undergraduate and Master of Applied Psychology (Clinical) degrees through Murdoch University. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree through the University of Western Australia. Katrina has published several articles on the treatment of PTSD and recently a book chapter focusing on treating more complex trauma presentations. Her research on treating PTSD from childhood has led her to present her work at several international conferences. Her research work has involved national and international projects. She was a lead investigator in the IREM project an international multi-centre RCT that investigated the use of Imagery Rescripting and EMDR on the treatment of chronic PTSD.

Katrina has worked across both government and not-for-profit sectors, including community mental health, child protection and specialised services, including the Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC). She has extensive experience in the treatment of mental health disorders, in particular complex trauma presentations and enjoys working with children, young people, and adults.

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