Schema Therapy Advanced Workshop

Accredited by the International Society of Schema Therapy and presented by Dr Christopher Lee. This workshop counts as towards the necessary didactic and dyadic hours of training required for certification as a schema therapist.

Workshop Fee: Early bird $699 if you book up to 2 weeks before the workshop. Standard fee $755 thereafter.
The workshop includes preworkshop preparation which will be emailed to you 3 weeks prior to the workshop.

Upcoming Workshops

Melbourne August 13-14 2024
Treacy Centre
126 The Avenue,Parkvile

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Sydney August 15-16 2024
Rydges Camperdown
9 Missenden Road, Camperdown

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Perth November 14-15 2024
Ambrose Estate
200 The Boulevard, Wembley Downs

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About this workshop

The schema mode model was added to the Schema Therapy in 2003 to taken in account the rapidly changing mood states exhibited by many clients with more severe emotional dysregulation and those with complex trauma backgrounds. More recently the mode model has been shown to be effective with patients diagnosed with different personality disorders.

Attendance at this workshop assumes a good working knowledge of the basic Schema Therapy model taught in the Introductory Workshop.

The training model is that information and skills are taught in each of the workshop session for about 45 minutes and then the participants practise these skills in small groups for the next 45 minutes.

Learning Objectives

Review the Schema Therapy model with an emphasis on the role of modes.
Understand how to asses and conceptualise an individual with a personality disorder in mode terms.

Learn and practise therapeutic strategies to deal with each mode in an individual therapy context.


  • How to bypass detached and dissociated modes
  • How to confront angry modes
  • How to nurture vulnerable modes
  • How to banish punitive modes linked to shame
  • Understand the role of therapist’s schemas in the therapeutic relationship
  • Explore limit setting and reparenting techniques


Associate Professor Christopher Lee works in private practise and has an adjunct appointment at the University of Western Australia. He has had extensive training from leading figures in DBT, EMDR, and Schema Focused Therapy. He first trained in schema therapy in 1992. He was accredited as a trainer in schema therapy by the International Society of Schema Therapists in 2006. Chris has conducted workshops in treating personality disorders throughout Australia and overseas for the last 20 years. He is involved in research on personality disorders and post traumatic stress disorder and will present this data at the workshop. He was the 2011 recipient of the Australian Psychological Society’s Ian Campbell memorial award for contributions to Clinical Psychology in Australia. He is currently a principle investigator in two international multi-centred randomised controlled trials, one in treating complex PTSD and the other Borderline Personality Disorder.

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