Schema Therapy Training

Standard Workshop

This workshop provides training in using Schema Therapy for people who present with complex issues, relationship problems and personality disorders. It focuses on the use of the trait model. In the workshop you will learn how to identify key processes that maintain client’s difficulties. How to formulate client issues in Schema terms and communicating this to the client. It also focuses on the teaching and practising of experiential techniques and the concept of limited re-parenting in the therapy relationship.

Schema Therapy Standard

Advanced Workshop

This workshop is intended for people who are familiar and practice Schema Therapy. Rather than a focus on the trait model, in this workshop the focus is on the Schema mode model. This is particularly suitable for  clients with high levels of emotional dysregulation.

Schema Therapy Advanced

Schema Therapy Advanced for special populations

In the past we have organised workshops on working with groups, forensic populations, and working with clients who benefit from empathic confrontation. The dates and workshops are still to be finalised for 2023.

All workshops are conducted in accord with our Terms and Conditions