Imagery rescripting for complex PTSD

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Presented by Professor Arnoud Arntz

This two day workshop covers the techniques and practises for treating PTSD with imagery rescripting including how to adjust the treatment approach to meet the needs of people with chronic PTSD. The treatment approach has been honed from treating refugees and adults with PTSD from childhood events.

Sydney 30 October-31 October 2017. North Sydney Harbourview Hotel, Sydney. Click here to register.
Numbers strictly limited to 25 participants. Fee $630 including GST.

There is also a possibility of a repeat workshop in Perth  around this time. Email us if you wish to register early interest and we wiil contact you as soon as this has been confirmed.

Arnoud Arntz is professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with an affiliation at Maastricht University, the Netherlands. He also practices as a psychotherapist at PsyQ in Amsterdam.
He is a prolific researcher with over 340 publications and 17000 citations. He is perhaps best known for his contributions to the development of Schema Therapy and Imagery Rescripting. He was the project leader and therapist supervisor of the multicenter RCT that compared schema therapy (ST) to Transference Focused Psychotherapy as treatments of Borderline PD. Currently he is also a principle investigator of an international RCT comparing working mechanisms of Imagery Rescripting and EMDR for PTSD that originated from childhood traumas.

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