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Assoc Prof Christopher Lee, Dr Sarah Schubert, Dr Sarah Dominguez and Logan Harvey are all certified EMDR trainers (EMDR Australian Association).  Assoc Prof Christopher Lee is also accredited as a trainer by the International Society of Schema Therapy as trainers and supervisors.

Associate Professor Christopher Lee


Psychology Training was founded Christopher Lee. Chris has conducted hundreds of workshops in Australia and overseas. In 1996 Chris was one of the first trainers outside of the USA to gain accreditation status by the EMDR International Association. Similarly Chris was the first Australian trainer accredited by the International Society of Schema Therapists. Chris brought the first international-based training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder to Australia in 1999.

Chris has published research on personality disorders and PTSD. He received an International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and EMDRIA awards for research excellence in 1999 and 2014. In 2009 he also received the Inaugural Francine Shapiro award for research excellence conferred by the European EMDRIA. He is the 2011 recipient of the Australian Psychological Society’s Ian Campbell memorial award for contributions to Clinical Psychology in Australia. He has been a principal investigator in a number of international multicentre randomized control trials involving the treatment of borderline personality disorder and PTSD. He currently is in private practice and has an adjunct position at UWA.

Logan Harvey

Logan Harvey

Logan is a Clinical Psychologist with a background in mental health and substance use treatment settings, along with private practice. Logan has a particular interest in the treatment of comorbid trauma and addiction related disorders, and he provides supervision and EMDR Consultation to individuals, groups, and organisation in these areas. Logan is an active researcher in the area of comorbid mental health and substance use issues. His PhD is examining the impact of Complex PTSD in substance use treatment, and he has published in peer reviewed journals, book chapters, and presented at national and international conferences. Logan is the current chair of the EMDR Association of Australia’s Accreditation and Standards Committee, where he oversees the standards and requirements for the accreditation of EMDR training and practice in Australia.

Dr Sian Jeffery

Dr Sian Jeffery

Sian is a Clinical Psychologist and has been the Coordinator of the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) programs at Fremantle Mental Health Service (FMHS) since 2009. Dr Jeffery was involved in the establishment of both the comprehensive year long DBT program and a 20 week DBT skills group at FMHS. Dr Jeffery has completed DBT training with Behavioral Tech (Marsha Linehan’s research and training organisation), as well as with the Portland DBT Institute.  She is also trained in Radically Open DBT (RO DBT) for disorders of overcontrol and has established a comprehensive RO DBT Program at her service. Dr Jeffery overseas the research and evaluation of the DBT Programs at Fremantle Mental Health Service.

Dr Jeffery has a keen interest in personality disorders and was involved in the establishment of a state-wide Personality Disorders Interest Group in Western Australia and was the inaugural chair of this group. Dr Jeffery is the current chair of the Personality Disorders Sub Network Steering Committee, which is currently developing a Model of Care for Individuals with Personality Disorders for the state of WA.  She has been an invited reviewer for journal articles in this area and has provided numerous presentations and workshops on working with borderline personality disorder and DBT around Australia and overseas. Dr Jeffery provides regular supervision in DBT and has consulted to a number of public and private services across Australia as they established and run their own DBT programs.

Dr Sarah Dominguez

Sarah Dominguez

Sarah has worked in a variety of settings. These include hospital in-patient & day-patient services, private practice, and education department settings.  She has worked in specialist trauma clinics for the last 7 years.

Her PhD was on the utilisation of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing for the Treatment of PTSD and Depression.  She received a research excellence award from Rotary Health for her PhD. She is an accredited EMDRAA Trainer and Consultant.  Given her research achievements, she has also been invited onto the EMDR International Association Council of Scholars. She was a cite co-ordinator for IREM: an international RCT on the study of PTSD treatments for adults with childhood trauma. Her research publications are listed here.

Dr Sarah Schubert

Dr Sarah Schubert

Sarah’s main research publications are in the trauma field.  She also has extensive clinical experience in this area having worked in multidisciplinary teams in government, non-government, and private sectors.  Sarah has recently contributed to the international ISTSS treatment guidelines for PTSD, is a member of the international EMDR Council of Scholars, and trains mental health professionals in the area of child, adolescent, and adult treatment for trauma. Because of her depth of knowledge in the field of trauma, Sarah is sought as a clinician, consultant, trainer, and speaker. Sarah is an accredited EMDR trainer and conducts all our advanced level EMDR trainings. Her research publications are listed here.

When not training Sarah currently works in private practice. For details of this service click here